Timbuk3 exists mostly in an alternate reality (the past). Stuck there forever? Maybe - large swaths have been caught up in contracts, legal issues, lost masters, and/or general malaise - but careful maneuverings are getting some parts unstuck. Here on this page, you'll find some free downloads of mostly out-of-print, otherwise unavailable tracks. Feel free to listen or download, but please don't distribute or sell - some of this music is not as free as we'd like it to be. Thanks!!! :)  

45s & flipsides

These two songs, lifted from vinyl 45s, were recorded as B-sides with our friends from the band, Glass Eye. "This Town Cries" features the sweet growl of Brian Beatty's fretless bass. A revamped version of the T3 debut album's closing track, "I Love You in the Strangest Way" features the lovely dissonance of Kathy McCarty's lead guitar.


Austin City Limits Live from Timbuk3



Austin City Limits Live from Timbuk3

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The only complete testament to the full range of the performing duo in its prime, this expansive set from 1989 covers some unusual terrain, securing Timbuk3's status as the weirdest band ever to play Austin City Limits. Never released in any format, this NEW 30th ANNIVERSARY REMIX includes all 8 songs from the ACL broadcast, plus 6 that were unseen and unheard. Click "INFO" for lyrics and credits.

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From "A Hundred Lovers" (1994)


The final T3 "official" release shows how far we as a 4-piece had come since the boom box days. Live studio jams were captured, sampled and looped, then made into songs. We were still crazy for digital while messing with analog and digital distortion. We dubbed it "dirty digital."

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"Looks Like Dark To Me" (1993)


Though it was recorded after A Hundred Lovers, this EP came out first as a re-introduction to the band before the release of the album. Sadly, these "hello, we're back" tracks ended up being our final recordings.

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