In the summer of 2006, pat mAcdonald was given a gift that would change his life. The Lowebow "Purgatory Hill Harp" cigarbox guitar/bass, at first, struck him as a funky piece of folk art with limited musical potential until he plugged it in and realized it was the sweetest, meanest, most badass instrument he'd ever played!

He slipped a slide onto his pinkie and all the lowdown, dirty blues and rock that had haunted his younger dreams - always lingering just beyond his fingertips - seemed to flow effortlessly from this crazy little thing.

Appropriating "Purgatory Hill" as a pseudonym for his newfound alt-blues persona, he started writing, learning, and remembering songs.

After two failed attempts to record an album of cigarbox guitar material, he finally got what he was going for - the 2009 album "Purgatory Hill" was recorded with his touring partner melaniejane on percussion, keyboard, and backing vocals.

The duo continued to tour and develop their sound, and the cigarbox took an increasingly prominent role in their live shows. The Purgatory Hill set, due to its unique sound and format, became the highlight of shows and soon took on a life of its own. For shorter sets, pat played Lowebow only and these shows were billed simply as "Purgatory Hill"

Now, Purgatory Hill is more than a pseudonym or the name of another pat mAcdonald solo project. Purgatory Hill is now a band!