1. SHUT UP
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You say touché babe
I say en guard
You say i'm impossible
I say i'm just hard
You say i'm too lazy babe
I say i'm tired
Tired of hearin bout what's wrong with me
Shut up!

You say i sleep too much
I say i'm still awake
You say i'm quite a handful
I say let's shake
You say i'm never serious
Come on, give me a break
I'm tired of hearin bout what's wrong with me
Shut up!

Wish we could give up talkin just one day
Live in silence
We never hear eachother anyway
Love speaks in sign language

You say i'm too horny babe
I say you're too hot
You say i drink too much
I say let's have a shot
You say i'm argumentative
I say i'm not!
I'm tired of hearin bout what's wrong with me
I think it's time we face reality
You wanna see a better side of me,
shut up!

You think you're so cute and clever
with all you're little tough guy posturings
Who are you trying to impress?
Not me, that's for fuckin sure!
You know, just because words rhyme
it doesn't make them poignant or true
I mean, who are you targeting here anyways?
Joe Sixpack or Joe the Plumber?
Or are you targeting all your loser friends
whose girlfriends buy them amps
so they can play this misogynistic crap even louder?
And what would you do if i said i'm outa here?
That's when you'd turn a one-eighty,
and get all goo goo eyed and lovey dovey
and then you'd be all like "Aw come on baby...
baby you know i'm just joking
aw sweet love, it's just a song, a little affectation,
it's just entertainment, showbiz"
You'd be all like "You dont think i'm serious, do you?"
You know what? I think you're confused.
You don't even know if you're serious or not
I think you're insecure. About what though?
You're all afraid of playing beautiful,
sensitive songs because... because what?
Cause the guys will call you a pussy?
That's pathetic
I think you're pathetic

Shut the fuck up