1. Suit Of Glass

From the recording Invisible Pistols


Walkin tall, I got my pass
Alcohol, a full tank of gas
What I got, everybody knows
Can’t hide it – in these clothes
I take a ride – the man’s on my ass
Ain't no place to hide – in a suit of glass

Can’t hide, it ain’t no joke
Can’t hide in the billowing smoke
Can’t hide cause I’m in the fire
Can’t hide my voice in the choir
You hear me howlin at midnight mass
Ain't no place to hide in a suit of glass

You think I’m vain, you think I’m proud
Cause I can’t – blend into the crowd
People talk – and that ain’t all
Everybody’s tryin to bust my balls
Oh how i wish they were made out of brass
To bust me out of this – suit of glass

Can’t hide – I’m tired of this shit
Can’t make – no sense of it
Can’t get a break – except when I fall
Can’t get away – with nothin at all
People point every time I pass
Can’t even hide a joint – in a suit of glass