1. No One's Daddy

From the recording Purgatory Hill

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I was born in a tar paper shack
He'd come around, say "your daddy's back
I'm your long gone daddy!"
Long gone daddy
No one's daddy now

Decked out in her calico best
She'd do the dog, then bring on the rest
for her long gone daddy
Gone wrong daddy
No one's daddy now

Light me up now, smoke my cigar
Now that's pushin it a little too far
My little long gone daddy
I'm head strong, daddy
You're no one's daddy now

Awakened from her slumber
He tried to take her sense of wonder
And so the dawn has blown him away now
The color's gone from pink to grey now
A powder puff to a powder burn
This time he's off never to return
He's a long gone daddy
Stone cold daddy
No one's daddy now...