From the recording Lockbox Babies Vol.2 (1970s)

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When i woke up this mornin
How i'd hoped to see your face in my bed
But the blues without warnin
took your place in my head

So i slowly got out of bed
Then i heard that old knock on my door
i hoped it was you but when i opened it wide
i met the blues once more

i'm goin crazy
and it's makin me lazy
i don't even wanna play my guitar
i been drinkin wine
with this rowdy friend of mine
and tryin just to kill some time
til i find out where you are

i don't mind sayin
that these blues i been playin
are the only thing that comes naturally
Now even an illusion
would be better than confusion
so tell me if and when you'll be back
cause the suspense is killin me