From the recording Lockbox Babies Vol.2 (1970s)

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I've got this imaginary woman
Lord how we get along
Imaginary woman
Won't ever do me wrong
When i need a little lovin
she makes me feel right at home

Now i do not intend
To relay my fantasy
But if you only knew
What she can do to me..
She comes on like a fever
and she's gone like the remedy

She's got stars on her forehead
Her front teeth are crowned with gold
She's a liberated woman
Can't be bought or sold
She may not do just what i tell her
But she don't have to be told

Now i do not intend
to relay my fantasy
But if you only knew
what she can do to me
Hear me when i say
When you meet her at the crossroads
You know she's got the right o' way

I got this imaginary woman
She sure looks a lot like you
Imaginary woman
What's my life comin to?
I make love to her every time
I get lonesome for you