From the recording From "LOWDOWN" (1980)


Spendin all his time at the pool hall
he's rackin em up again
Hangin out with all of the big boys
His mama don't know where he's been
That little Einstein boy's gonna
get himself in trouble

He's gettin way behind in his schoolwork
His teachers all say it's a sin
He ain't been seen down at the playground
or practicin his violin
That little Einstein boy's been
down at the pool hall

Now that ain't no place for a young boy
trapped with the smell and the smoke
All them dirty little hoodlums
and all of their dirty jokes
That little Einstein boy better
get out on the double
Get out


Now somethin's got a hold of little Albert
He just loves to hear the pool balls crack
And when he steps up to break em
the hustlers and sharks stand back
That little Einstein boy's gettin
quite a reputation
And all the fans gather round and say
"Break, baby break!
Break, baby break!
Break, baby break!"
He's ready, willin, and able
That little Einstein boy's gonna
clear the table