FREE: FutureX's "80s Hit Single"

Here is the fictitious 80s Hit* upon which the book's story is based, from protagonist Matt Packard's defunct band, FutureX.

“Space Kitty Blues (FutureX) peaked at #13 on the Billboard charts ... due to its infectious beat, and despite social significance that no one but the band apparently got (something about Star Wars and the Trickle Down theory), its “Get it down” refrain became a rallying cry at frat parties nationwide. The song's subsequent use in a well-known cat food commercial furthered its notoriety..." (SKB, Chapter 3)

*This retro remix of the original from pat's 1999 LP release "Begging Her Graces" (produced by John Parish) is also available on a vinyl 10" in our store, along with Purgatory Hill's version - plus 2 more Invisible Pistols album cuts.

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