SPACE KITTY BLUES a tall tale by pat mAcdonald
  • SPACE KITTY BLUES a tall tale by pat mAcdonald
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Part allegory, part paean to The Vinyl Record, part autobiographical fiction, part autopsy, pat's first novel dissects a song in search of truth or something better. Playful soul searching and social commentary propel this earthy examination through the back alleys and clandestine clubs of Barcelona at the turn of the millennium.

A digitally enhanced cat snatched Matt's muse. Now he's looking for it in all the wrong places...

Protagonist Matt Packard (FutureX) loved making music until his 1980s hit became a TV cat food ad. Now he’s lost. Some otherworldly friends - a vinyl loving deejay named Diamond Stylus, a goth ex-cheerleader named Kat (who Matt thinks might be an angel) - try to save him. But perhaps he’s doomed...

“Great book! Kind of like if Grant Morrisson was messing with the guy from Portnoy's Complaint like he messed with Animal Man, if the guy from Portnoy's Complaint was really some variant of Will Lee from William S. Burroughs' various books.”  –Rev. Norb Rozek 

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