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pat mAcdonald - Lockbox Babies Vol.1 (Solo Acoustic)

"A number of people over the years have expressed interest in hearing an album of just me singing and playing a bunch of my songs on acoustic guitar.
While it is true that most of them are written that way, i was never really excited to do a whole album like that. This one just sort of slowly materialized out of spare parts. "Lockbox Babies" are the songs that go into storage soon after they"re written. They're the misfits, the ones that don"t make it onto albums. This is not to say they were bad songs. They just didn"t seem to fit anywhere. Some showed sides of me i didn"t want people to see. Many were memoirs of loneliness and heartbreak appropriately played solo and privately. But some could be barroom anthems and i don’t know why i stopped playing them. None have been released before in any form that i know of. A few were never played again after these recordings were made. I shouldn"t be surprised that they all fit together (all being such misfit birds of a feather) but i am.
The oldest (tracks 2 & 6) are circa 1995, captured by Paul Dieter at Jackson Browne's studio in Santa Monica, CA. The opening song was recorded by Vincent Gates at his home in Seattle -a 2006 session my friend Joe Kaftan helped set up. Track #9 was written at the St. John Songwriter Festival and recorded there by Steve Hamilton. The rest are all self-recorded, sonically improved in the mastering by Holiday Music Motel engineers Billy Triplett (at the Holiday) and Steve Hamilton at Makin’ Sausage Studio in Milwaukee. I can’t thank these guys enough. Thanks to melaniejane too !!! And thank you for investing a little listening time. It"s only twelve songs. Most are under three minutes." -p.mAcd

Here's the track list: 1. SPLINTERS (2:40) 2. CAN"T TELL THE RAIN (2:59) 3. SOFT GUITAR BLUES (3:03) 4. INNOCENT AS LIGHTNING (3:31) 5. OBSESSING ON YOU (3:06) 6. TIME OFF MY HANDS (2:02) 7. WHY’D YOU PICK THAT FIGHT? (2:52) 8. THE LONG GOODBYE (3:56) 9. THE COVER (2:23) 10. AN ARMY OF ONE (2:26) 11. DEEP IN MY HEART (2:34)
12. CURRENCIES (2:32)